Monday, January 28, 2013

The final two...

I finished the last two quilts I was working on for the boys at the children's home.  This quilt is my favorite of all and I made it for Theo.  I used the foreign currency pattern by Cherry House quilts.  I had so much fun going through my Kona solids and choosing all the colors to put in this quilt.  As hard as it was to give this quilt away, I am very sure I will be making another one in the near future.

and a closer view...

Since the front was so busy I chose a "sketchy" kind of solid for the back.  It really went perfectly with the quilt.

This quilt is for Zach.  He is an awesome young man and I was so happy that he liked his quilt. He's not the kind of boy that smiles very much but I think he almost cracked a smile when he saw the quilt!

I think the red binding really sets off the quilt.

I was so happy to find the backing for this quilt.  I may have even squeeled in the store when I saw it because I knew it was just perfect for Zach's quilt.

After I finished up the last quilt on Saturday night both of my daughters said "Oh Mama, now you don't have anything to sew."  That cracked me up because every quilter knows there's at least 20 more projects on the horizon, right?

Have a great day!

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Lindsey R. :: LRstitched said...

Both so beautiful. I've never seen the top pattern, I really like how much color it uses!