Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas to me...

Look what I got for Christmas! 

I've been using my dining room table as my sewing/cutting table ever since I started sewing. Well, now I have my very own official sewing/cutting table. I decided to empty out the dining room and just go ahead and claim it for myself as the sewing room. One day we will finish off the basement and I will move downstairs but for now this space is perfectly fine with me. My father-in-law made this table for me with a lot of design help from The Grandmomma. Thank you both! The Grandmomma painted and stained it for me. I'm so very happy with the colors.

Look at all that space to hide store fabric underneath the table.  Arranging all my stash will be my project this weekend, along with moving both of my girls sewing machines and tables in there with me.  

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Finished Top

Are you ready for Christmas?  I am getting there...ever so slowly!

I finished my plus quilt top for the Dead Simple quiltalong a while back but I never posted a picture.  I'm happy with it but I think I will be much more happy after it is quilted.  I love this color palette so much.

I have been making a lot of the ever popular lined drawstring bags.  These "Alabama" bags will be a gift to one of my girl's teacher.  I'm making more for the other teachers, too.  I'll show them when I get them finished.  I just love that little tiny bag.  So cute!

Merry Christmas!