Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Family Tree...of sorts

Once upon a time my friend Sharon and I went fabric shopping and both my little girls were tagging along with us as usual.  Josie, my oldest, was 8 at the time and she wanted to choose a pattern and some fabric for a quilt for me to make her.  Sure, I said, go right ahead, let's find something good.  There was a sample quilt hanging on the wall of this quilt and once she saw it there was no swaying her decision. I never expected her to choose "Lilly Pilly" by the oh so talented Australian quilter Kellie Wufsohn of Don't Look now! but now I am so glad she did.  I absolutely love this quilt!

I began collecting Kaffe Fassett fat quarters like crazy and then I got quite intimidated by the number of leaves that needed to be cut and appliqued so I kind of laid the project aside for...a year.

Then in the spring of 2012 we took a trip to VA to visit The Grandmomma (Deb, my MIL) and I took the pattern and all my fabrics with me.  Genius!  Deb and her friend Melissa helped me get all the leaves cut out and ready to be appliqued.  If it weren't for their help this quilt would probably still be waiting to be worked on!

Josie's little hands and foot.

Some more time passed before I got all the leaves sewn on but I finally finished it and sent it back up to The Grandmomma for her to do her magic with quilting it.  I think she did an outstanding job and couldn't be happier with it! Best of all, Josie LOVES it!  She wants to sleep with it but I just can't let her.  She's going to have to let this one be a wall quilt.

The four little birds represent each person in our family.  The red bird on the right is John, then my bird is above him, and Josie is the bird on the bottom left and Carly is on the top left.


So here it is and Josie is 10 now...boy how time flies!
Have a great day!