Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Sewing Center

Welcome to my home...I mean, the sewing center.  Come in on, if you can get in the front door that is!  Doesn't everyone have a foyer full of sewing machines and a computer desk?

Both of my daughters now have their own sewing machines and sewing tables thanks to The Grandmomma and Poppa.  My oldest got her sewing machine when she turned 6 and now my youngest has turned 6 and look what she got...

Complete with her very own custom built sewing table that was made especially to fit her.

This is my oldest daughter's sewing machine and table.  She got her very own custom table as well.

I am so thankful to my in-laws for these super incredible sewing centers.  They are just so very nice and will last the girls for a very very long time.  The Grandmomma didn't scrimp when she bought their machines.  Thank you!

Now I just have to get myself in gear to rearrange my house to accommodate two more little sewers.  I don't want to leave my foyer set up as the sewing center.  I have a bonus room that would be be enough room for all 3 of us to use as a nice sewing room but it has temperature issues.  That room is just never the right temperature, either too hot (which I can't stand) or too cold.  I really like having my dining room sewing room on the main level of the house because I can still sew and be right in the middle of anything else that is going on in the house.  In other words, I can keep an eye and ear out on the happenings of my kids whatever they happen to be doing at the time.

Happy Tuesday!


Linz said...

That is SO sweet!! What awesome grandparents!! WHat fun!

Melinda said...

That is so cool! Honey, it always takes a bit more room than you have. It's like money. I have a room in the basement and I've got it crammed from wall to wall with stuff.

ARTSAVVY said...

My vote would be to take the dining room table and chairs down to the basement (for another time), have Poppa make you a custome sewing/cutting table and put all 3 of you in there while they are still so young. When was the last time you ate in the dining room?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how precious!! They are so thoughtful, they will SO appreciate that when they're grown up.

Laura said...

Oh how gorgeous! What a talented man your dad is :)