Thursday, May 5, 2011

Picture day for Picture Day

This quilt is finally complete and off to it's new home. That makes me happy! I made this quilt from an Oh, Fransson! pattern named Picture Day. It is a double sided quilt so it is totally reversible. Oh hey, did I mention it's green? I love it!

This is the front.

Here we have the back. I love love love the white framing around the wonky blocks.

I am very pleased with the all over quilting pattern that was chosen for this quilt. I think it is called popcorn. Thank you longarmer!

I made this quilt last year and for some reason it just sat around in a pile for a long time. Then I sent it to the long arm quilter and when I got it back it sat around in another pile. Finally, yesterday, I attached the binding and took it to my friend last night. She was VERY happy with it. I think it will be gorgeous in her home but I will still get to visit it.

So, I can mark that off my WiP list and move on to the next item. Good deal!