Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dead Simple Quilt

I am in!  100% in on making a Dead Simple Quilt with Lynne.

Dead Simple Quiltalong

A while back I showed this palette that I have been completely enamored with and still haven't quit thinking about.  I love love love this palette from Design-Seeds.

That was my starting point to gather fabrics.  I knew I wanted to add some shades of gray and more greens and purples so this is what I came up with.

I tried a million times to get it larger and then I just said phooey and decided to post it anyway.  
The basic premise of the QAL is to focus on a color palette, not the actual pattern of the quilt.  The fabrics will be cut into squares and then sewn together.  Nothing fancy about the pattern but the effect coming from the colors chosen.  However, I have been wanting to make a plus quilt for quite a while and once I decided on a palette, decided to use solids, and would be cutting charm squares for the quilt,  it just made sense for me to kill two birds with one stone and make a plus quilt.  After making my Summer Sampler and loving working with those solids I just feel drawn to use more solids right now.  I am excited to start cutting this fabric and get it all sewn up.  I love the design so far!  It might just be my new favorite quilt.

I am once again amazed at just how much usable information is available by means of google.  I mean, seriously.  Between this post and google, I was able to come up with a palette, and a layout for my Dead Simple quilt.  Then I was able to convert the Word files into PDF files and then into JPG files to post here on my blog and on Flickr!  I just love learning new geeky/techy things.

Happy Thursday!


Debbie said...

oh my - your plus quilt is going to be amazing! I love your chosen palette & how you have expanded it! Good job!! And I agree - love learning new techy things - I really enjoy that bit about blogging.

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Wow firstly I love how you took a really amazing palette and then added colours - I wish I was clever enough to do that. And secondly I even more love that you went with a plus quilt and I wish I'd thought of that!

Melinda said...

Why, yes dear! You are now so techno geeky! Love the idea of achieving two goals in one. You know I'm all about combining several ideas into one quilt! These colors are going to be killer.

Anonymous said...

oooh! this is going to be lovely. the colors are fab!

Linz said...

That will be gorgeous!!!

Jovita said...

great colors, fantastic layout ... can't wait to see it sewn up!

ARTSAVVY said...

Just how will this be quilted?

Patti said...

Your palette is fantastic and I wish I had thought of this layout as well!