Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fessing Up

Remember this post about my fabric diet?  And remember that I was trying to resist temptation?  Well, I failed miserably.  I caved - totally caved in and bought what I wanted needed.  I just couldn't stand it any longer.

I have been ooohing and aaahing over this new line by Joel Dewberry for just too long so I knew it was a true love and a must have instead of just a passing whim. I got this gorgeous stack of fabric from Randi at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. She is so sweet and takes very good care of her customers.  She carries a lot of great fabric so chances are she will have just what you are looking for.

The purchase of the next little bundle was totally not my fault.  I attended a meeting of the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild on Saturday with my friend Melinda.  The meeting was held at Intown Quilters and as soon as I saw they carried this fabric I knew some fat quarters would be going home with me.  I have to give a big thanks to Melinda for not chastising me about being on a fabric diet.  So sweet of her, wouldn't you say?
I have a cousin who is expecting so maybe she will have a little girl and I can use this in a quilt for her.  I'm sure the right person and quilt will come along.  It always does.

So now my little fabric fix is satisfied...for now...maybe.


Melinda said...

Hey, I never chastise anybody about buying stuff because I never know when I will want to do something I said I wasn't going to do! Besides, I've been jonesin' for this Joel Dewberry for a while! Can't wait to see it!

Linz said...

:) I don't think any quilter would give you a hard time about cheating on a fabric diet. I keep "saying" that I'm on one too, but I still manage to come home with new stuff every few weeks. Okay days.

Ruth said...

Ooooo! It is irrestible! I can see why you caved in!

Ruth said...

Are you a member of the Atlanta Guild?

ARTSAVVY said...

Too bad lady, I ordered that stack of fabric for you so I'm at a lost of what to do with it now?