Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WiP Wednesday

It's Wednesday!  This is the long and the short of it for today.

Loulouthi top
Ironing Board Cover - so happy to have this complete.  What a difference it makes in my dining sewing room.

In Progress:
Purple for The Grandmomma - started cutting this one out and have sewn a little bit but I got distracted by a compassion quilt that I want to make for a friend of mine.  I think this one is going to go together fairly quickly.
why can't I get this picture to rotate and stay rotated?
Summer Sampler Series - I'm going to LOVE making this quilt.  I made the first block on Monday and there are more to come this week. This one is called the Star of Virginia.

Begging for a Backing:
Single Girl
Loulouthi - still deciding what to put on the back of this one.

Begging for a Binding:
Red/White Wonky Star - got this one back from the quilter!  Perfect!  I couldn't be happier with this one.
Superman/Batman - got this one back from the quilter, too!  I know one little boy that is going to be so happy with this quilt on his bed.
Baby Hooty

New Projects:
Compassion Quilt for a friend of mine with pancreatic cancer.  Please say a prayer that she will feel loved and comforted at this time in her life.  God bless her and her family.

Try not to get a crick in your neck from all my sideways pictures - sorry.
On the Bubble:
Rubik's Crush - getting closer to starting this one! yeah!
Fifi & Fido - 100 Quilts for Kids - getting closer to making a decision on this one!
Bottled Rainbows - collecting scraps for this. 

On the lookout - I've got my eye out for the perfect fabric to make:
Swoon - auditioning fabric on a daily basis.

Linking up to Lee, of course!  Lots of great creations going on over there today.

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Linz said...

Your Star of Virginia looks great!!

Melinda said...

Love your Star of Virginia! I may just suck it up and make this one. Sigh... I just love seeing them all over the internet. I think I may just use that red, white, and blue fabric I won. I hope your friend is doing well.

Debbie said...

Looks like you are using solids too for the Summer Sampler - isn't that fun! Yours looks great!

LynCC said...

The Grandmomma will be delightful, but compassion quilts are important. You're a good friend.

Lee said...

The Star of Virginia block is gorgeous! Glad you're joining us, and thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

ARTSAVVY said...

Prayers for your friend. I will quilt itextra special. Granmama' is delighted she is going to have her purple done but compassion first. By the way all you ladies, the Stars in VA are always brighter, just ask Mitzi's husband.

randi said...

Hi Mitzi,

You won the solids giveaway on my blog! You can contact me through email or etsy to let me know which ones you like.

freshsqueezedfabrics (at) gmail (dot) com

Your blog is great! I LOVE the loulouthi ironing board cover you made. Also, the quilt with that line. Perfect! :)