Thursday, June 16, 2011


The sports themed boy quilt I have been working on for what seems like forever is finished.  Not only is it finished, but it is delivered and on the bed of one sweet little boy, Jacob, who happens to be turning 7 on Friday.  I hope he loves his quilt as much as I do!

I had a lot of help from my dear sweet mother-in-law, The Grandmomma, on this one.  This quilt might still be sitting in a pile in my sewing room if it weren't for her.  She finished up all the blocks for me and then put it on her long arm machine and quilted it, too.  She did a fantastic job!  Thanks Grandmomma. You are awesome!

The fabric choices for this quilt were really fun but also challenging.  There are a lot of sports fabrics out there but a lot of them do not suit my tastes in fabric and so many of them had all the sports thrown in one print (soccer, tennis, hockey, you name it).  Jacob is mainly into football and baseball so we chose only those fabrics and believe me, we searched high and low to find just the perfect fabrics for this quilt.  He is also a UGA and Falcons fan so we wanted some of those fabrics too.  Since The Grandmomma is from Virginia she just had to throw in some of those teams and added a little Tennessee square in honor of my friend Sharon.

It seems like every time you look at the quilt there's something new to see.  Each block is so different from the other and has something unique in it.

It's a twin sized quilt and even though the edges look kind of crinkly they are not.  They are straight as an arrow.  The dying grass underneath was stiff as a board.  We here in Georgia are in dire need of some rain.

I was racing against the sun to get this binding on and the photos taken.  I was determined to get it finished before the sun went down and I did - without a minute to spare.

Enjoy Jacob!  I love you and your whole family! Happy Birthday, too.


Linz said...

Yea!! That is an awesome quilt!! I am sure he loves it!!

Lindsey said...

That quilt is so cool!

"I'm just a quilt girl." pffft.

Melinda said...

Love it Mitzi! As usual, you did a great job!

Sharon said...

Awsome quilt Mitzi and Grandmomma! I especially love that "Big Orange T". Hee!Hee! Hope Jacob enjoys it for a long time.

ARTSAVVY said...

So glad to see that quilt in the pictures. Looks wonderful, seems we make a good team! Grandmama

Heather said...

Jacob LOVES his quilt - we still find ourselves laying on his bed looking at all the fabrics, each time we do we find something new in it. Thank you so much for putting so much love in to this one :) I know Jacob will treasure this one the same way he does the one you made for him when he was born!