Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Single Girl...Complete!

I had a very successful quilting weekend. The top for the Single Girl quilt along is now complete. I'm happy with the final result but the process was definitely not my favorite. Thankfully this was only destined to be a baby sized quilt. My quarter sections were so wonky and uneven that sewing them together really bugged me, irked me, and made me itch. I like for my quilts to be all nice and square and this was anything but that. Apparently that's just the nature of this quilt though. I've read on other sites that imperfection is expected for this quilt.

I added a small border around the outer edges so that when the binding is added there will be a little white space between it and the outer rings.

Now I just need to piece up a backing and decide how I want it quilted. That is guaranteed to be much easier than the top.

Look at this. My 4-legged quilt rack grew a head on the side. Those little bare feet melt my heart.

I'm planning on going to the Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop one day this week with a sewing buddy of mine. I'm looking forward to seeing what my favorite quilt shop has in store for me!

Happy Sewing!

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Amy said...

very pretty, I love the quilt rack! have fun at the shop in your area.