Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Stitching - update #1

Back in October I linked up to The Big Winter Stitching over at FairyFace Designs.  My original list is here.
I'm happy to say I can cross some of those items off my list and I need to add a few.

Part 1 to be finished by/for Christmas:  I can happily check all these off!!
1.  Mug Rug - changed my mind about making this.
2.  Lined Drawstring Bag - made tons of these and loved it!  Want to keep making them.

3.  Pot Holder - decided that pot holders are stupid.  Seems like if I can successfully and painlessly bind an entire quilt I should be able to bind a dinky little pot holder.  WRONG! Maybe one day I'll show you a picture of how jacked up a pot holder can get!
4.  Dish Soap Apron - made these for my guild's chinese auction.  Turned out great!

Part 2 to be finished by mid March or so: - I rearranged and added to this section:
1.  Find fabric for and create a Swoon quilt. - I chose to use Terrain by Kate Spain for this and found that Katy is hosting a QAL that is perfectly timed for me! Oh Happy Day!
2.  Family tree quilt for Erin's baby girl due in April. I have pieced the top but still need to embroider the family names on it.

3.  Children at Play quilt for Erin's baby girl. Yes, she's special enough to get 2 quilts!
4.  Baby quilt for my cousin's baby boy that is due in the April - finished and mailed for her baby shower.
5.  Baby quilts for my cousin's twin girls due in June.
6.  Pepper Cory Georgia quilt - for The Grandmomma.
7.  Finish Bottled Rainbows - fun!
8.  Dutch Pinwheel - make for my dear sweet babysitter.  She probably thinks I have forgotten her.
9.  Kaleidoscope - I've wanted to make one of these ever since I saw Elizabeth's gorgeous quilt!
10.  Plus quilt - finished the top - need to make the back and send to have quilted.

11.  Finish Kitchen Windows quilt - not so worried about right now, there are bigger fish to fry.
12.  Make the backing for the Single Girl quilt.

I know this post won't make sense to much of anyone except me but I needed to get myself back on track and this is such a good way to do it.  I know I'm leaving something out though...I have that nagging feeling.


Melinda said...

Just an observation, that Pepper Cory quilt is the same thing as a Kaleidoscope, though I know you want to do one in different fabrics! Looks like you are plugging along! I wish I was making that much progress.

Linz said...

Sorry about the pot holder! :)

I love LOVE the plus top! Way to go!!

And really - can we ever get enough of those awesome bags? I think not...

niveas said...

Your Plus-Quilt is absolutely adorable! <3