Monday, September 12, 2011

Embroidered Family Quilt

Look what I found at the top of my closet!  It's an embroidered family quilt that I didn't know I had.

I didn't even know this quilt existed.  I was in my closet looking for the first quilt I ever made and this quilt fell off the top shelf and what a great find it was!  It was pieced and embroidered by my Grandma who I have blogged about before here.  My Mom says that Grandma made one for each of her grandchildren.  The two squares on the top left are my Grandma and Grandpa.

I don't know who added the blue embroidery in the pink sashing that has the date of  March 11, 1970 with the arrow pointing to my Grandma's block but that totally cracks me up and makes me love whoever added that little tidbit of information in there that way.  That arrow just tickles me.  At least there's no question about who made the quilt or when it was made!  The muslin blocks almost look like the letter "F" to me but that has no meaning in our family so I guess it is some other autograph or signature block. The top date is the birth date of the person and the bottom space is to record the date of death.  Someone wrote a date in my Grandma's bottom space but that is not when she died.  My Mom and I cannot figure out what that date might have meant.

Here's my block.

These two squares are my Dad and Mom.

You can see by the handwriting in that block that 32 years ago today my Dad died.  That's a long time to be without a father but I thank God everyday for my Mom and the great job she did raising me and my siblings.

On a lighter note, looked who ranked a square on the quilt.   Sorry Christy the cat, I have no memory of you.

But I do remember Brownie the dog, he was my brother's golden retriever.

I did find the very first quilt I ever made and one day I will show that one to you.  It's great.  Anyone want to take a guess at how old I was when I made it?


ARTSAVVY said...

What a treasure but it worries me that you didn't know about it....hummm? Do I need to come doewn there?

Linz said...

Wow!! That is so awesome!!

Melinda said...

Girl, I didn't know we were the same age. I knew we were about, but it's the same year! Like minds and all that... Love the quilt. Not sure what the F would be except maybe 'family'? Just a thought. What a great keeper!

qwiltnknitnut said...

What a wonderful treasure! And I love that she included blocks for the dog and cat! So sweet~

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a find!! Definitely a treasure. I'm guessing 6?

Debbie said...

wow, what a keepsake. So glad you came across it.

Lindsey said...

Girl that is awesome - how wonderful to have such a piece of family history. Treasure it!