Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing Good Times

Happy Monday!

I had a wonderful weekend of sewing and it wasn't even planned, it just happened by accident.  My oldest daughter came home from school on Friday feeling kind of puny so next thing I know both of my girls and myself were on the sofa and fast asleep.  That never happens!  Well, it happens for me all the time but not the girls.  That meant I got to stay up late Friday night and sew my heart out.

I literally did sew my heart out, my heart is so full of compassion and love for my friend with pancreatic cancer.  I prayed and prayed for her while I attached the binding to her Compassion Quilt.  It looks great.  The Grandmomma did a great job long arm quilting it for me.  Thank you!  I'm hoping to get it delivered to my friend today and I pray it keeps her comfortable, cozy, and content through her sickness.

I hope she likes it as much as I do.

Then on Saturday my daughter was still sickly so she hung out on the sofa to rest and I sewed in between playing nurse maid to her.  Good thing my sewing room is my dining room and I'm right in ear shot of anything that goes on in the den.  I was able to get the backing made for this Loulouthi quilt.

I also made a girly and very precious quilt top for the 100 Quilts for Kids campaign that Kate is sponsoring.  Here's a sneak peek at it.

That was a fun quilt to whip up!  Now it is off to The Grandmomma (aka my MIL) for her special quilting magic to be put on it.

Have a good day!


Melinda said...

I'm telling you, I would be making much more progress if grandmomma would do my quilting for me too! Love your quilts!

Debbie said...

oh wow - lots of 'unexpected' in your weekend. Amazing you got so much done! Great projects you are working on! Love that last little peek!

ARTSAVVY said...

Sorry Melinda, but all my sons are married, but you might be adopted if you treat me a sweet as Mitzi does. I can always use another daughter. Mitzi, I love those little walking quilts, the ones with the cute feet.