Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WiP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

WiP Wednesday

Lee over at Freshly Pieced hosts a weekly Work in Progress post. I'm joining her so I can make yet another list. I'm all about making lists.

Ongoing Projects:
1. My Single Girl Quilt Along kind of came to a halt on Friday night. I sliced my left pointer finger with the rotary cutter and it is VERY tender and well, I'm scared to use it. It hurts! I'm very anxious to get going on the quilt though. I have all the pieces cut that I need for the first section.
2. Making a Raggedy quilt for a sweet lady at church. I don't mind working with the brushed cottons, they are so soft.

In the Design Phase:
Still deciding the layout for a boy quilt for a twin bed. I'm going to have a football theme on one side and a baseball theme on the other side and I want to use a good bit of negative space. This one's going to be fun to design.
Here's a taste of the fabrics:

Waiting to be sent to the quilter:
1. Red & White Wonky Star. This baby measures 102" x 102". It's a monster!

2. I made this from the Color Splash fabric line by Hoffman and used the Just Can't Cut It pattern. I thought my oldest daughter would love the colors but she took one look at it and said "eeh". I'll probably put this one in the church auction that benefits the youth program.

3. This is the one I can't wait to have quilted! I've always wanted to make a Color Wheel quilt and finally did it. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. For some reason the thought of using a template had me all freaked out but not any more. I've mastered that trick, and just in time too since I'm making the single girl quilt. This pattern came from the Joelle Hoverson book Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.

Don't you just love how nicely ironed all my quilt tops are? That's what happens when they are folded and stacked for too long.

Waiting to get back from the quilter:
1. Red/Aqua wonky star quilt.
2. Hooty Hoot Kangaroo baby boy quilt.
3. Picture Day quilt.

On the Bubble:
1. Lilly Pilly - Applique Tree quilt - still collecting fabrics.
2. Love by Amy Butler fabric - still deciding what pattern to use. I think I want to use a pattern I saw on Film in the Fridge. I want to be able to have some bigger blocks that showcase the fabric.
3. Nicey Jane- still deciding what pattern to use. I just can't make up my mind but I think I'm getting close.

Wow! When I put all my little projects out like that it looks like I have a lot going on but really I feel like I'm doing nothing. I want to get that raggedy quilt out of the loop so I can really make some progress on the Single Girl. That's my goal for next week.

Happy sewing everyone!


Tyra @ SilverLily Sews said...

Love your color wheel! I just finished one a month or so ago and hung it in my playroom and it makes me happy everytime I see it:) Great job! Those curved edges are tricky. Here's where I posted mine on my blog if you want to see it:)

Kelly said...

love the color wheel, too! What is it about rainbows that just grabs us? Hope your finger heals up soon, I cut my tip off in the kitchen a few weeks ago, not fun! And I did a double take on your wonky star, so cool how it goes into the center, nice design!

Tilda'sTwisted said...

Don't feel bad about having several things going on. I have three going right now. One is a quilt along, one is a scrap quilt, and one is the one I've got to pull out and recut. Sigh... Oh well. Your stuff is beautiful!

ARTSAVVY said...

What a gal, you are my quilter. Love how the color wheel came out! Perfect as usual. Where in the world did you get all those sports fabrics? Wish your quilter would quilt my stuff. :(

Lee said...

Wow! A 102" wonky star! I LOVE it! So very cool. The color wheel quilt is gorgeous too. That's on my "one of these days" list.

Thanks for linking up, and have a wonderful week. Hope your finger feels better!