Thursday, March 31, 2011

Always something new to learn...

Happy Thursday!

One of my favorite quilt bloggers, Rebecca, is starting an online Quilt Class and it's absolutely free. She has a great blog that is always full of inspiration for me AND the fact that she lives in Australia just makes it all the more hip to me. She's on the other side of the planet yet shares the same passion for fabric and quilting that I have. When I read her blog I imagine her speaking with an adorable Australian accent. If I interact with her I'll have to tell her to imagine me speaking with a slight southern drawl. Ok, my accent may be more than slight, but hey, it's mine and I love it!

Anyway, here's the scoop. Quilt Class 101 will begin April 6th and run every Wednesday for about 12 weeks. Even though I've been quilting for 9 years now and feel like I've learned a lot in those years I'm anxious to follow her sessions. I love to see how other people work when they are sewing and quilting. I can always pick up on a cool trick or two.

Check out her link and see what you think.

Chasing Cottons

I'm looking forward to a Saturday Sewcial this weekend that my quilt guild is sponsoring. I think I love that it's called a "sewcial" a little more than I should. It just cracks me up. We're going to be working on a scrappy strip quilt. Yes, I know I already have 17 unfinished projects but I thought I should start another one. This one should go together pretty quickly and I've already got my strip sets sewn together. Yeah! Wish me luck.

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Melinda said...

Girl, you are one step ahead of me. I don't have anything ready yet! I can't decide whether to try hers or just bring the one I'm working on and take mental notes on how to do hers! I'm checking out the online classes right now.